Frequent Questions

What are the benefits of Licsicle?

It’s a fun, go-anywhere interactive treat. The small bottle fits in a purse or pocket. It’s a great treat for dog training or any other treating occasions. Dogs love the taste of the all-natural flavors and there’s only 1 calorie for every 10 licks.

What about dogs sharing germs? Should I use one Licsicle bottle with multiple dogs or one bottle per dog?

A great thing about the Licsicle recipe is our use of antimicrobial agents. There’s virtually no germ transfer. (Dogs are in contact with more germs when sharing a chew toy or water bowls!)

What do I do if my dog keeps biting the bottle?

Many dogs get excited and start that way. Just withdraw it, then offer it again. Praise him when he licks and say “no” when he bites. Please note the caution on the label about small parts.

How will it affect my dog’s diet?

Licsicle is a fun pet treat, meant to be used occasionally. It is not considered a significant source of nutrition.

What if it freezes? What if it’s in extreme heat?

The Licsicle bottle can be left in intense heat or cold, left out, in a car, or even frozen. Extreme temperatures will not affect the product quality.

What’s the shelf life of Licsicle?

Each Licsicle bottle has a “Best By” date printed on its bottom. The product is good through 30 months from manufacture.